Music/sfx for “Cave puzzles: a gift” finished!! :)

Lots of work done:
– I added more sounds to the game, so that even if you turn off music it doesn’t feel quiet. And actually it is just the way it should be.. all actions or events in the game should be accomanied with corresponding audio. So that’s just fine now 🙂
– rerecorded the old track 1
– composed and recorded track 2 and a very short menu track.. which I don’t quite like but I don’t have enough time to make it better 🙂 at least I am honest to you 🙂 🙂 But I like the new game track a lot 🙂
– ahh.. I also removed the old too black contours of the cave
– changed some of the levels, to be more playable (spiral,..)

Here are the audio tracks:
[ti_audio media=”1153″ repeat=”1″ volume=”75″]
[ti_audio media=”1154″ repeat=”1″ volume=”75″]

Play the game itself here: Cave puzzles: a gift

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3 Responses to Music/sfx for “Cave puzzles: a gift” finished!! :)

  1. B.C. says:

    This is the greatest Music Sound track!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Way to go…..How can i download it to my playlist?

  2. Oleg Vorontsov says:

    Hey, I’m glad that you liked it! Thanks for writing back. Makes me feel I do something cool at least for somebody out there 🙂 .. here are the links:
    This is a property of ME 🙂 so I can distribute it just as I want it and I give this right to you too.. just one note.. I forgot to edit the mp3 tags so if you consider giving it to your friends, please change that.. editing author name to Oleg Vorontsov (Helgiii) is enough 🙂 This could bring some clients to me as a composer

  3. Oleg Vorontsov says:

    1 little secret.. or just a bit of info 🙂 🙂
    I’m a big fan of “Neverhood” game. The OST was written by Terry Scott Taylor. If you didn’t play it – do it right now!!! 🙂 and sountracks for this game are probably the most cool OST tracks out there.. I bought my sax and started playing it.. cause I was really impressed by it. Also the main artist/animator/designer/idea man of the game is Doug TenNapel, he is also a farther of Earth Worm Jim.
    Ok we should remember those guys! 🙂

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