“Include Hidden Layers” in flash drove me insane several times

When you sell a sitelock of your game to some game portal, it usually gives you branding files and its custom loader in a .fla file.
I had met same simple, yet confusing problem for several times.
Here’s what it was..
I usually disable the publish option “include hidden layers” in my games, although by default its turned on, and probably most of other people using flash keep it turned on.
Several portals ordering sitelocks of my games gave me .fla files with loaders, where
some of the layers were hidden, while option “include hidden layers” was turned on.
Those .flas compiled fine.. but when I copied their contents into my game .fla file..
Problems arised.. Things didn’t work correct..
Sure, some of the layers remained hidden and were not inlcuded when game had to be compiled since I don’t use the above mentioned option..
That’s it))

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