It’s been a month since I started learning Spanish using Duolingo!

30 days strive (achieving some definite XP every day) complete! 🙂 And I can say that this is a great app for learning Spanish and probably other languages too. It’s basically a set of misc tests prepared beforehand and split into lessons and skills. New words and rules are introduced step by step and it feels comfortable and is very addictive. Some things I noticed to myself:

  • mobile and desktop versions
  • each lesson (check point) has levels of difficulty so I can advance in this particular topic or get back to it later to recall some words and rules
  • Spanish seems to have lots of similiarities with English and Russian. So its pretty easy to learn words since a Spanish word often is alike an English or Russian counterpart (same thing with grammar)
  • all sentences and words can be replayed and slowed down and that allows to listen to how they should be pronounced correctly
  • there are some additional sections of the site like: forum, stories (small interactive stories to follow and answer questions), dictionary, podcast, etc

Also an important note, if you know 2 or more languages (say English and Russian) and are starting to learn a third one (Spanish in my case), you have options as to what language choose as a source since the prepared tests and courses differ for misc language pairs. So Russian->Spanish course is MUCH smaller on Duolingo than English->Spanish one! And I also like to advance in Spanish->English since it allows me to practive 2 foreign languages at once)))

Great app, totally recommended!


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