I created this app being inspired by the old game I used to play with my sister when I was a kid. Later, I found out that surrealists played it in 1930 and they called it “Exquisite Corpse”.
The rules are rather simple: several artists each have a sheet of paper. They start by drawing a head with a neck, fold it so that only the lower part of the neck is seen. Everybody swaps sheets and starts drawing torsos, then fold, swap, draw legs. Then pictures are unfolded and everybody checks the unpredictable result.


  • Draw monster parts (head,body,legs). Automatically saved and sent to server as pngs.
  • Set joint points for your image. To be able to attach it to other monster parts
  • Combine parts randomly and using filters
  • Saving resulting monsters to png
  • View authors profiles and galleries
  • Comment, like
  • Leaderboards
  • Minigames: puzzle and fifteens
  • Kaleidoscope