Music for “Ba**** dino” finished

[ti_audio media=”1612″ repeat=”1″ volume=”75″]
[ti_audio media=”1628″ repeat=”1″ volume=”75″]

The game’s sponsor decided to change graphics and offered different music, so you obviously won’t be able to play this game as it was when I played it.
Still I did my job, finished the music and got payed.

The game has very short play sessions – about 30 seconds, then you lose, upgrade and start the fight again.
I decided that the music should be very dynamic, so i used many small pieces with different moods. And this really gives a feeling of something going on, advancing along this eternal fight and scene that never changes. So you feel that something changes although nothing really does: same bg and enemies.

I tried to use/mix:
– dandy/chiptune style kind of sounds and tunes as the game reminded me really of those old-days games
– sunny percussion, to get a feeling of hot air, primal people around and etc
– ambient layer as usual

I also ran into this kind of a problem:
I used deep low bass, and when I tested the music on my notebook with weak speaker, all my bass was lost. So i HAD to fix that and select another sound for bass and make its highs as loud as possible.

I also used the FL studio Sakura vst plugin, and it failed me, as some high notes were .. out of tune.. and I discovered that when used one nearly getting all finished.. So I rushed to find a replacement and found it: a famous bass plugin by spectrasonics.

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