Music for “Absorption” a flash game by Peregrimm

I wrote music for one more cool game. It is “Absorption” by Peregrimm. You can play it here

There are 2 tracks: a very short looped main menu and a 2 minutes long ambient+music ingame track.
[ti_audio media=”826″ repeat=”1″ volume=”75″]
[ti_audio media=”825″ repeat=”1″ volume=”75″]

Well, the idea was to make a track that would sound a bit weird and strange to suite the game. And I also tried to make it a bit amorphous and create no particular melodies that would get into you brain and start annoying after a minute or two. There is an ambient layer. A piano line which is actually a set of recorded improvisations cut and glued together. And a bass line which I recorded after the piano in the same manner – no distinct melodies, just short phrases to create a better feeling of ambient background music.. The drums loop volume is very low, so that you rather feel it than hear.. 🙂

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